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Harnessing consumer envy

Positional goods Last week I offered the opinion that marketers in Africa should try to provoke a wider range of emotion in consumers. As our markets move from command to free economies, brands need to be better differentiated. So ‘best … Continue reading

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IPO failure

Why brand equity matters. IPO: the Initial Public Offering of Company stock on a public exchange. In Africa we had an unconditional love affair with them for perhaps ten years.

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Y&R Global CEO David Sable on the Facebook IPO

So what’s a “Like” worth? You knew I was going to weigh in on Facebook’s IPO last week – how could I not??? So I ask again – what’s a “Like” worth? I have asked that question before and I … Continue reading

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Ajax cleans up!

Ajax Household Cleaner print campaign Very nice, clean work to inspire all surface cleaner clients and creative people!

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Anchor trouble

A ship’s anchor has damaged the TEAMS international fibre optic cable, causing disruptions of internet traffic in Kenya and five other East African countries which could last several weeks.

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Welcome competition returns to Kenyan beer market

We hear that SABMiller is set to launch its third beer in Kenya on Thursday, and the Heineken machine is powering up too. Miller Genuine Draft, brewed in Tanzania, is distinctive premium lager of American origin. It will compete for … Continue reading

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Tata heir apparent named

Cyrus Mistry has been selected as head of India’s powerful Tata Group of companies, which has numerous interest in Africa. The 42-year-old will shadow Ratan Tata, who chairs the business and is recognised as one of the world’s most important … Continue reading

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The seven billionth human poses a big problem

So as the 7 billionth human is born, most likely a boy in China or India, we have some realities to face.

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Blackberry failure – effects

Despite the recent BlackBerry outage, 70% of users say they would stick with the brand, according to figures from Tpoll’s online consumer panel. Meanwhile, during the week, traffic accidents in Abu Dhabi fell by 40%.

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Facebook now the 3rd biggest nation on Earth

Facebook just hit 800,000,000 users, making it the third largest nation. Just behind China and India. 20m sign ups daily. Not the only social media community, but certainly the gorilla in the room.

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