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Looking for leadership

Looking ahead to 2019 there are plenty of reports circulating about economic growth in East Africa. Perhaps some of them haven’t been updated recently, because I’m not so sure. I speak to many business leaders and very few of them … Continue reading

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Brand extension

It’s always uplifting when you encounter a well-delivered brand. Whether it’s a product that really works or a service that delights, or a corporation that does what it says it’s going to do. It’s even more impressive when you see … Continue reading

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Not different enough

There’s a lot of loose talk about differentiation these days. Most of it happens in Marketing Departments, and not enough at the Boardroom table. Frankly, we need to get better at it if we hope to build our regional economy. … Continue reading

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Let it go

As you know I am in the business of adjusting company cultures. Sometime this means intervening to rebuild an established culture that is broken. But I’m pleased to say that a characteristic of our region is that we have developed … Continue reading

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