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Experience not Service

Customer experience has become the new marketing. It influences brand perceptions and impacts business performance just as strongly as traditional Marketing once did. As my Chairman, Professor Nader Tavassoli  www.nadertavassoli.com reminds us: “Brands are promised by advertising but delivered by … Continue reading

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Let it shine

As every day passes there are fewer places to hide what a former American Vice President called ‘an inconvenient truth’. Al Gore was referring to climate change, but I’d like to put a fresh twist on his adage. It’s time … Continue reading

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People deliver brands

My Chairman (www.nadertavassoli.com) is fond of telling his CEO pupils, “Brands are promised by advertising by delivered by people.” He means your employees -whether you have a fintech brand or a fast food restaurant. Your staff deliver on your promises. … Continue reading

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Culture: not fluffy

When CEO’s talk to impress they like to reel out the numbers, hit you with ratios, pump up the pipeline. Fun stuff for big boys and girls;  but none of it meaningful if you don’t have the people and culture … Continue reading

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Are you CEO material?

It’s never too soon to begin thinking about the future of your career, especially if you intend to lead a business one day. But surprisingly few people take time to consider the skills they will need when they become the … Continue reading

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Mind your language

We live and work in a region that uses language well. East Africans are not by nature profane people. Cursing in the workplace is frowned upon. Western expatriates are often surprised to discover that swearing at staff doesn’t work here. … Continue reading

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Control is the enemy of culture

When I worked in advertising, cleverer people than I were preoccupied with setting higher aspirations for our global company. One genius came up with the line’ good is the enemy of great.’ By which he meant that we who were … Continue reading

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No Trust in the Workplace

Some years ago, I traveled to Dubai on business, and visited our local Ad Agency offices. Like many commercial concerns in the Gulf, it was run by Lebanese and staffed with expatriates. From Australian creatives to Filipino computer operators; I … Continue reading

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Jingle Bells

When you have been around the block a few times, as have I, you begin to see trends coming back. You see it in fashion. You see it in holiday destinations. And trends also return in advertising. Not because the … Continue reading

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Bank Promises

Over the holidays I researched our banking sector. Proof positive that the Devil makes work for idle hands. We now have 104 businesses licensed to bank in East Africa, barring any recent failures. I’m sure that the Directors of these … Continue reading

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