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Tone and manner

Last weekend we launched the latest year group in our leadership programme As usual, we asked participants to focus on their life and career journeys so far. We get them to identify moments that have mattered along the way … Continue reading

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Staff Turnover

Modern African company boards include staff retention on their dashboards. Diligent company directors look for underlying trends and often read high employee turnover as a red flag – a sign that not all is well inside the business. But what … Continue reading

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The Achilles Heel of any organisational culture is communication. I work inside local, regional and continental businesses – and my diagnostic interventions highlight this time and again.  This seems strange when you consider the exponential growth of channels now open … Continue reading

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Looking for leadership

Looking ahead to 2019 there are plenty of reports circulating about economic growth in East Africa. Perhaps some of them haven’t been updated recently, because I’m not so sure. I speak to many business leaders and very few of them … Continue reading

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Constructive Complaint

I have a friend who loves to complain. In fact, for him, complaining about service is less of a hobby and more of a second career. He is persistent; he is detailed. He reaches far into the targeted organisation and … Continue reading

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Customer Service Weak

Did you notice that last week was Customer Service week, everywhere on the planet? The Internet says Customer Service Week is celebrated annually during the first full week in October when customer-oriented organisations around the world recognise the importance of … Continue reading

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The bureaucratic condition

Working in organisational transformation certainly produces some home truths. The latest for me has been realising  how deeply bureacracy resonates with human beings. I mean as a default behaviour, especially in times of stress. In employees, stress is routinely caused … Continue reading

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Broken teams

Building branded businesses takes true collaboration over time. Teamwork is hard to build and easy to lose. Years ago the management guru Tom Peters warned leaders to watch for three warning signs of a broken team: Constant firefighting in your … Continue reading

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Creativity needed

Last week I attended an important event at Safaricom’s prestigious Michael Joseph Centre in Nairobi. ( I told them I had just come from the Chris Harrison Building , but they didn’t laugh.)  Hubris aside, it was a great evening … Continue reading

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Branding post-merger

After two decades of progress and innumerable calamities, the supermarket category in East Africa is again in flux. This time the highly professional retail brand Carrefour is coolly selecting the best growth opportunities from the wreckage of the supa-duka boom. … Continue reading

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